I enable people and brands to be bold and authentic…

My name is Tim Kavermann, I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, and work with clients throughout the country.

I have spent the best part of the last decade building brands that people trust and believe in. My creative skill set is built upon a foundation of photography, brand strategy, consulting, identity design, and web design/development.

While I enjoy working across a diverse range of projects, I have a passion for partnering with brands and legends operating in the CrossFit, food & beverage, and adventure lifestyle spaces.

Through meaningful imagery, I will help you shine a light on who you are, and what you want to be known for. I believe effective, industry-leading brands are at their best when they unite around common interests and beliefs. From your products and services to your company culture, I am here to help you tell meaningful stories that will inspire your customers and wider communities.

Tim Kavermann Auckland Photographer
Tim Kavermann Kavermann Studio

Where passion
meets purpose…

Eat What You Kill is a consolidation of what means the most to me – a project I founded on two guiding principles: Community & Sustainability.

The EWYK mission is to celebrate the harvesting of wild food and support those who share in this relentless pursuit of adventure. EWYK exists to be an inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

Through the stories of our hunts, and what we do with our kills. We will highlight those with a deep connection to the wild and in turn nurture, educate and inspire the brave and curious who wish to follow in similar footsteps.

“We the brave, seek the wild.”

Visit the EWYK Website and learn more…